Interview: Ultra Romance visits Crete

Ultra Romance is an unprecedented figure in world cycling scene. A metalhead, fisheries laborer and model – he has traveled extensively around US on a bikepacking mission if not crusade. He is now traveling with his partner, Vietnamese born TENZIN NAMDOL and they are the most popular bike touring couple. They have been lecturing on […]

Introducing the YOLOTON: a memoir of a Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club camping trip

Summer finally arrived and the Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club, the rag tag gang of pedalheads gravitating around 48×17 cycles, Athens’ coolest LBS, was itching for a new adventure. Someone proposed to combine the annual campout with the World Bike Camping Day, and the date was set for June 23rd. Destination, Potami in southern Evoia, […]

Report: Mani Invitational // Mountains and Beach Podiums // The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival IV

On May 19th, 8 years after the first 1896CMRR, the fourth edition of the race took place in the small town of Kardmyli, Mani. The most striking difference from all the other years was obviously the new location away from the buzzing convenience of Athens. So why move away from the classic Marathon route? Why […]