John’s Condor track

This is John from Belfast, Northern Ireland and his Condor track bike. John is married to a Greek girl and he has spend a lot of time in Greece, getting to know his partner’s homecountry and culture. Through this process (and also because we are the best bike shop in the world :P) he discovered 48×17 and he has visited us many times shopping and talking about riding, racing and bikes in general. John is also a member of the infamous #fluorotrain peloton that is shredding the Irish asphalt like no other club ride and if you happen to roam those parts better be careful cause they mean business.

So since we’re done with nonsense talk here is the bike: A beautiful British Condor machine, restored and repainted by us to this plain gloss black colour. John brought some of his stock parts and wheels and we did the rest adding an octalink Durace bottom bracket with a 47teeth Durace crankset, seatpost, cockpit and general maintainance work.

Nice track machine. Good luck to John competing in the upcoming Red Hook London!  =  fluorotrain