Pure Fix Cycles (Original Series)

Pure Fix is an American based company manufacturing value for money ready to ride urban bikes. The Original Series offer various colour variations on frame with deep dish wheels.

India: matte-black frame, anodized gold wheels and rich harvest-gold seat post and risers, the India’s regal design has already turned heads from Brooklyn to Bangalore.

*43cm will come with a rear brake and 650C wheels.

You have a plenty  options of colours which are:

The Delta, in light grey colour and 47/50/54/58 size.

The Echo in matte black and sizes 47/50/54/58 sizes.

Gloss Neon Red frame with white deep dish wheels. The Charlie. In 50/54/58cm.

The Bravo is a bike with Gloss Black frame and  Opalescent-Blue deep dish wheels, and in sizes 47/50/54/58 cm.

Navy Blue frame with Anodized Silver deep dish wheels. The November. Comes in 47/50/54/58 cm.

Gloss Cream frame with Mint Green deep dish wheels. The X-Ray on 43/47/50/54/58 cm.

The Whiskey, in Flat Dolphin-Gloss frame with Ostrich-Blue deep dish wheels, and sizes 50/54/58 cm.

In celeste green like Bianchi’s , here comes  The Victor and on frame sizes : 47/50/54/58 cm.

White frame and fork and white rims. Here comes The Romeo, and in sizes :47/50/54/58 cm.

Clean chrome frame with silver wheels to boot. The Oscar, 47/54 sizes , only.

Matte Grey frame with Double-Orange deep dish wheels. The Papa, and in sizes: 47/50/54/58 cm.

Total black fixed or single speed bicycle , The Juliet and lot of sizes : 43/47/50/54/58/61/64 cm.

Available for 450 €