Tommasini VLC3 road

VLC3 is a handmade in Italy frameset, born exclusively for racing, tailor-made to help the rider to improve his performances!

VLC3 tubes are designed by the Tommasini house, and are very different from mass industrial production,  with personal attention to the technical and dynamic characteristics.

VLC3 aims to create a carbon frame with personal customisation especially in bike fitting.

VLC3 looks like a monocoque but it is not; VLC3 is created with carbon tubes with exclusive shapes designed by the Tommasini company.

features of VLC3:

  • saddle tube is traditional but can also be requested integrated;
  • the 3 wires (rear brake, gearbox and derailleur) have an internal passage to the horizontal tube and to the down tube;
  • the bottom bracket box is made of carbon press-fit model;
  • the rear dropouts are made of carbon;
  • the vertical wishbone has a logo printed on the brake and a lightening flare;
  • the horizontal monobox perfectly copies the shape of the bottom bracket housing to give greater rigidity.

Weight frameset 960 gr unpainted.

Tapered fork  1 “1/8 above and 1” 1/2 below, recommended fork 1 “1/2 FKTOS.

Custom paint job availalbe on request.

With all these features, VLC3 achieves an even more compelling and modern line, but above all it guarantees the stability and rigidity necessary for a real racing vehicle of the highest level!

Available for 3650 €