tommassini gravel fire

The GRAVEL bike is the main novelty of the new Tommasini range, a type of bicycle that derives from the Cyclo-cross style but which is destined for promiscuous use such as the daily one, or on secondary roads, or even for several hours a day.

With the GRAVEL bike the philosophy of the Tommasini company is again enhanced, in fact the advantage of riding bikes designed to be above all reliable, comfortable and stable is re-evaluated.

In order to achieve this goal, the bicycle with the Fire steel frame is made with more relaxed geometries than the CORSA style, with a longer rear wheel and less vertical column, to give more comfort and stability on the ground to the bicycle.

The GRAVEL world transversely meets different target users, from those who want to ride several hours in safety and with disc brakes, to those who want to use the bike in the city and must use it on rough roads or pavé to go to work, or even for those who want take a nice Sunday trip or for your holidays, on unpaved roads but without taking the weight of a mountain bike.

To this end, the Tommasini Company provides this model of bikes in different types, with more streamlined geometries for the Cyclo-Cross, with softer geometries for non-competitive use, with disc brakes but also with racing brakes or Canti-Lever.

Finally also the model equipped with rear luggage rack for use more citizen that allows you to carry bags to go to work.

The Fire frame is TIG welded with one exception: the custom seatpost joint which, with the special central movement box, the special dropouts and the “bell” vertical cannons, rigidly tighten the rear wagon. The frame uses an exclusive geometry designed by IrioTommasini.

The frame is treated with cataphoresis treatment to better protect extremely thin pipes from rust. As usual, the smallest details are not overlooked, for this reason there are fermaguaine couplings with registers welded on the steering tube and steering wheel logo in worked and enamelled brass. Carbon forks available on request.

Approximate weight for size 55 kg 1,550.

Available for 1800 €