Pink Flamingos bike camping weekend


Pink Flamingos was a bike camp out weekend organised by 48×17 Cycles and Hot Dawgs Cycling on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of June.

We cycled around 50-60 klm each way, swim, BBQ, sweat, crack jokes, set up a bonfire and have beers under the stars.

On the day that the Pink Flamingos garden ornament creator passed away, 9 of us gathered to kickstart a series of bike camping weekends around Athens. With the all these talk about how Athens is not “suitable” for cycling, we got on a mission to prove them wrong. ATH with its great geography and many nearby beaches, islands and mountains is great for overnight camping, as the world bike scene is progressing into adventure cycling we thought to give it a try.

Many bravos to those that attended, thanks for sharing the road – we did enjoyed the ride. Highlights include: diving into crustal clear sea after riding into mid-day heat, γουρνοπούλα delivery on the beach, breakfast on the beach and surely the ride into Vourkari wetland – we hope the pink flamingos will came back to Athens next year. We own the beach! 

artwork: Studio Empire