The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival III

The 1896 Classic Marathon Race Revival, Athens’ premier track bike street race returns for a third time sometime May 2016.

The 1896 CMRR is a race replicating the first fixed gear race that took place in the first modern Olympics in Athens year 1896.

The riding we saw this year was great, for novice riders was the ultimate test (they all had such a big smile when they finished) while for the rest it was a great display of broism as they formed a spectacular track peloton shredding their way through traffic.

For full report of the race click here.


01. Petros Gazonis – 02:27:57
02. Christos Dellios – Thessaloniki + 00:35
03. Tilemachos Makropoulos – Kerkyra +05:08
04. Themis Antoniadis – +05:29
05. Thanos Agoros – Thessaloniki + 06:34
06. Michalis Michalakopoulos
07. Faidon Lalagiannis
08. Dimitris Budas – Thessaloniki
09. Panos Yoti
10. Konstantinos Nikolaidis
11. Andrew Leach/Aegean – UK
12. Nikiforos Kouris
13. Spyros Lykoudis
14. Yiannis Leontaridis
15. Vagelis Papasotiriou
16. Elias Koen
17. Panagiotis Dallas
18. Dimitris Pitianoudis
19. Apostolos Panagiotopoulos
20. Vasillis Vitzileos
21. Thomas Patelis/Quad
22. Dimitris Diakoumopoulos
23. Stylianos Kamarotos/Aegean
24. Vassilis Karagiannis
25. Tasos Bintsis – Thessaloniki
26. Paris Karagiannis
27. Joel Verlesen/Aegean – BL
28. Panos Kilikidis – Thessaloniki
29. Dimitris Angelopoulos
30. Argyris Dinopoulos
31. Giorgos Spyridis – Kalamata
32. Dimitris Dimaggelos – Kalamata
33. Dimitris Fiflis
34. Dimitris Tseliagos
35. Dimitris Martseleas – Kalamata
36. Mixalis Vasileiadis – Kalamata
37. Christos Saliveros
38. Grigoris Dimaresis 3:36:35

Nikos Kallias – DNS
Antonis Doukas – DNS
Yiannis Mavroeidis – DNF
Dimitris Dontsios – DNS
Stavros Mpekas – DNF

Historical Background:
At the first Modern Olympic Games the sport of cycling was introduced. There were several track cycling events held at the Phaliron Velodrome (Stadio Karaiskaki) and one road cycling event. At that time the “bicycle” was quite a novice idea people were not familiar with. Gears, brakes and deralleurs were not yet invented and all bicycles were fixed gear and brakeless.

The only road race of the Games took place on April 12. It was 87 kilometres long, with contestants cycling to the village of Marathon and back. Five Greeks registered for the race, one of them Aristides Konstantinides, and a few foreign cyclists including the German August von Gödrich and the Briton Edward Battel. Konstantinidis was one of the first bicycle enthusiasts in the country and a member of the first Greek cycling club.

He won the road race, covering the 87 kilometres from Athens to Marathon and back in a time of 3:22:31 despite his bicycle breaking down on the way back to Athens. Legend has it that he borrowed a bicycle from a spectator to finish the race.

Konstantinidis led from the start until his first fall that allowed Battel to briefly pass in front of him. Both Konstantinidis and Battel fell again before finishing, with Battel’s fall being severe enough to drop him from first place to third as both Konstantinidis and Gödrich passed him. Konstantinides entered the city battered and bleeding but trioumphant giving Greece one of its most glorified gold medals as groups of bystanders cheered him on his way to the finish line.