Introducing the YOLOTON: a memoir of a Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club camping trip

Summer finally arrived and the Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club, the rag tag gang of pedalheads gravitating around 48×17 cycles, Athens’ coolest LBS, was itching for a new adventure. Someone proposed to combine the annual campout with the World Bike Camping Day, and the date was set for June 23rd. Destination, Potami in southern Evoia, […]

Andros: Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club camp out

This year the annual bike camp out of 48×17 was decided wholeheartedly to venture into the unknown and specifically to Andros island. Notoriously famous for its “meltemia” ridiculously strong summer winds that slams the place 24/7, home to Ted Bafaloukos (acclaimed cinematographer including “Rockers” roots reggae movie), Sariza water spring, lush hill sides and rocky […]

Report: Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club camp-out to Aigina island

The annual summer camp-out went down past weekend and it was a great time out riding. These camp-outs typed as a continuation of an ongoing quest of the outdoorsy/cycling scene worldwide are incredible and powerful in experiencing the nearby Athens countryside from a completely different point of view. The choice of Aigina island was great, one […]