ABLOC Arrive water bottle

High performance bottle from ABLOC. Stylish and hygienic, using an easy functional nozzle – what more could you want from a water bottle?


Easier Access – Patented shape slides in and out of cages and pockets easier. Improvement for all frame sizes. Compatible and sits securely in all standard cages.

Self-Sealing Nozzle – Leave nozzle up while riding, without spills. High flowrate and precise modulation through silicone valve.

Large Capacity – 710ml for longer rides.

Sleek Shape – Aero and sleek design

Clean Look – No logos or graphics to scratch.


AntiMicrobial – Body and cap permanently fights mold, bacteria and odors. Will not wash off like coatings. BPA-free and phthalates-free (hormone disruptor-free.)

3-Part Assembly – Easily pulls apart for thorough cleansing, if necessary. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Available for 22 €