Pinelopi Gerasimou Antiparoxi Jersey

The latest item in our ongoing series of cycling apparel inspired by Greek artists is this piece in collaboration with photographer Pinelopi Gerasimou. A matrix like collage of the iconic Athenian landscape and its most characteristic feature the “polykatikoia” ie the apartment blocks. Driving force behind the first urbanise movement of the 1950-60s it is still provides a visual tapestry of a city that is trying to re-engage it self with a new identity.

Handmade in Italy by GSG.
Quality lycra.
Silicon waist band.
Full elastic raw cut sleeves.
Full front zipp.
3 pockets at the back.
Hidden headphone routing.

Sizes XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL

Photographs by Manos Lidakis
Model Miltiadis Lathouras

Pinelopi Gerasimou studied photography in Athens and New York. She has been participating in several group exhibitions in Greece, Istanbul, New York and Italy. Her artistic work pays tribute to what looks like a life outside of what we have been socialized to do — to settle in groups.
Visit her work here.

Available for 65 €