Gevenalle GX shifters

Gevenalle are an innovative and simple shifting system made to be used for cyclocross/gravel/off-road but not only. They are also quite popular for touring. Gevenalle can go from top to low gear through the whole cassette in just one click. An original design and easy to use precision shifter with stunning speed and durability. It is also super light weight.

These are 100% Shimano MTB compatible. You can pair them with Gevenalle’s own derailleurs or a Shimano 10 or 11 speed MTB derailleur.

Not compatible with SRAM, Campagnolo or Shimano Road (for shimano road see the Gevenalle CX shifters).

Made in Portland, Oregon.

GX2 version:
comes as a pair of shifters and will work with a double or triple chainring.
Right lever is index selectable.
Left lever is friction.
GX1 version (to be used with single chainring):
Right levers is index selectable.
Left lever is brake only.

Available in 10 or 11 speed in silver or black arm and various coloured mounts (ask at the shop).

Price for GX2 10 or 11 speed: 270 euros (-10% as part of a complete build by us).

Price for GX1 10 or 11 speed: 199 euros (-5% as part of a complete build by us).

Available for from 199 €