Royce Track Hubs

Royce UK was established in 1980 manufacturing hubs, BB and other precision components, (check article here). Royce was made famous when Chris Boardman used their hubs to break the Athletes Hour Record at the Manchester Velodrome in October 2000. Today Royce represent British excellence, manufacturing hubs that last a lifetime tested in the  using the best materials. They offer track or road hubs, always custom drilled to customers specifications and they come in variations, just ask at the shop.

The track hubs are constructed from the best 7 series alloy while the spindle is made from titanium.

These are the same as the Hubs used by Chris Boardman to break the Athletes Hour Record. They are Bolt On Hubs suitable for a fixed drive sprocket. CNC handmade top quality hubs with sealed bearings made in the Royce workshop in the South of England.

20 to 36 hole drillings
optional slotting for bladed spokes (extra charge for this service)
spindle lengths 100, 110mm (front)
spindle lengths 120, 130 or 135 (rear)

Available for 690 euros pair.


Available for 690 pair €