Salsa Cowbell 3 handlebar

Salsa’s Cowbell 3 handlebars are designed from the ground up to be the best drop bar out there for use from the cyclocross course to unpaved road riding and mellow singletrack sessions on the ‘cross bike. The short reach and flat ramp transition makes for comfortable hand positions on the hoods, and the flared drops offer extra leverage on loose climbs and increased control in sketchy descents and difficult corners. Made from aluminum  with oversized clamp size (31.8).

Material: double butted aluminum (6061-T6 at Cowbell 3)
Handlebar clamp: 31.8mm – 76mm Reach 126mm drop – 12 ° bent outwards Barends – 120mm wide central area for mounting Cockpit Accessories – Flat notch for concealed cable routing

salsa cowbell 9543847036_d83e928056_z

Available for 65 €