White Industries T11 road hubs


White Industries  T11 road hubs. Made in USA, this is a quality choice for a top wheelset. The hub shell design is a high/low flange which allows for a more even and better spoke tension with a hub spaced to 130mm. The hubs design maximizes aerodynamic efficiency. Unique to the T11 is the titanium freehub body in a choice of Shimano or Campy configurations. Titanium, we feel, is the best choice in the freewheel application since it is nearly as light as aluminum and has the equivalent strength to many forms of steel. Available in polished silver, black, red, blue, green, gold, pink, purple anodized in 16 (front only), 18 (front only), 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36 holes . 252 grams for the rear, 91.8 grams for the front. Damage set as follows: 125 (front silver), 135 (front all other colours) – 365 (rear silver), 410 (rear all other colours).

many thanks to v. paravas for the photos
VParavas_2014_vignet_MG_3451 VParavas_2014_vignet_MG_3444 VParavas_2014_vignet_MG_3435 VParavas_2014_vignet_MG_3426 VParavas_2014_MG_3456 VParavas_2014_vignet_MG_3461


Available for Available from 125 €