Brovet: Giro Di Moria

The shop’s latest project “Brovet: Ο Γύρος του Μωριά” was an awesome experience arguably for all of us that participated. 33 riders registered and along with the drivers and support crew there was an incredible company of people. We had so much fun together and we all agreed that we should do a Brovet again. Congratulations to all of you for so much fun-riding and thank you all for sharing the road. Brovet was nice because it was a personal challenge for each one of us both physically and mentally like cycling should be.

We liked that for some of you was fast but for others was just an excuse to ride through places and villages otherwise forgotten. The first pack was a little bit competitive in a nice way, but Jon Coreman from Holland was unstopable riding his Pinarello with incredible ease even in the most brutal climbs. Petros Gkotsis stayed at his shadow proving the incredible condition he is in lately. John Mour took serious the title of the last etap “Breaking Away” and so he did right before Andritsaina and nobody saw him till the end where Jon and Petros started a little TT chase rising to 45km but Jon Mour held the lead with 55 seconds. An exciting weekend full of riding for all of us!

The podium was:

Jon Coreman

Petros Gkotsis

John Mour


Irini Xristaki

Thanks to all, sorry we forgot to get the roadbooks back so we dont have the times! (fail)

Brovet is the shop’s roadbike event and we would like to thank all of you that participated and all the people that supported it.

Till next time…