Spoked! 2012

SPOKED! 2011 art show is a gathering of narrative images in realtion to the bicycle. It focuses on matters that have to do with the bicycle as human function but also on the sociality that the bike brings as a mean of transport but also as a platform of social thought. The contemporary stance of creative art and practise should belong to the new “places” of collective communication and the bicycle is a place of such meetings.

Curated by: Yiannis Mouravas

Participating artists :

Arbit City Group, GPO crew, Yiannis Kaliva, Elias Mertis, Vangelis Paravas, Efthimis Kosemud Sanidis Marios Spiliotopoulos.

Spoked! is part of Bicycle Film Festival Athens 2011.

Opening December 8 @ Six d.o.g.s, Αvramiotou 6-8, Monastiraki.

– – –

Arbit City Group is a group of Athens Art School students with an interest on public space.

The group participates with a piece relating to the aesthetic and political failure of street naming.

GPO is a crew of graffiti artists participating with a installation about an old bicycle adventure.

Yiannis Kalivas is one of the founding members of  Athens’ biggest group ride Freeday. He travels frequently with his bike. He presents at SPOKED! a collection of photographs showing his point of view and aesthetic on traveling photography.

Elias Mertis is a photographer with a vast experience photographing BMX. He is active for more than 2 decades on Greece and abroad.

He is participating with a monumental and magnified photograph.

Vangelis Paravas started photography as a wildlife marine biologist. He has been participating in and photographing various cycling groups.

He present a collection of photographs around psychogeography.

Efthimis Kosemud Sanidis is a cinematographer. On 2008 he commenced on a journey around the globe.

He presents a photo-collage of famous cycling cinematographer Jorgen Leth.

Marios Spiliotopoulos is an artist and Professor at the Athens Art School. He does not know how to ride a bicycle.

He presents a light-box about childhood and bicycles.