Interview: Ultra Romance visits Crete

Ultra Romance is an unprecedented figure in world cycling scene. A metalhead, fisheries laborer and model – he has traveled extensively around US on a bikepacking mission if not crusade. He is now traveling with his partner, Vietnamese born TENZIN NAMDOL and they are the most popular bike touring couple. They have been lecturing on […]

Introducing the YOLOTON: a memoir of a Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club camping trip

Summer finally arrived and the Pink Flamingos Adventure Cycling Club, the rag tag gang of pedalheads gravitating around 48×17 cycles, Athens’ coolest LBS, was itching for a new adventure. Someone proposed to combine the annual campout with the World Bike Camping Day, and the date was set for June 23rd. Destination, Potami in southern Evoia, […]