Report: ATH Cross 2018 at Pikionis Park

2018 is meant to be a pivotal year for cyclocross racing in Greece. After a hiatus of almost 30 years the sport is making a comeback with a National Championship announced by the Greek Cycling Federation this coming January. This amazing and technical discipline has been wiped out entirely by mountain bike racing for so […]

Report: ATH CROSS races at New Philly

9 months after the Ghost Lab CX event at Papagou the 48×17 CX team returned to a fresh new spot at Nea Philadelphia park to design a creative course that would offer wider gravel roads, steeper off camper sections and more technical obstacles. Showdown date was scheduled for December 10 and after a 15 day period of heavy rainfall […]

The World of Cross series 2016/17

2016/7 was the winter that changed things around for CX in Athens. No more πατέντες bike, racers appeared geared up and determined to train, participate and promote the sport. This season the World of Cross consisted of 4 races spread out through the winter starting from November to January. The courses were hard, technical and […]