Riding roadbikes in Kythira island

Kythira is probably the place you wanted to travel with your bike and you didnt know. The island itself is a continuation of the Peloponesse countryside in a sense but a world away culturaly. It is traditionally listed as one of the seven main Ionian Islands, although it is distant from the main group. Administratively, it belongs […]

Salamykonos 2016: Keep shredding.

Great day out riding the Kanakia peak at Salamina island. Good turn out, few usual suspects, some old pals and Xristos keeping it real only brakeless track bike on his much deserved break from Panellinies prep. We like that Salamykonos is becoming kind of annual habit, a ride towards the surrealistic part of Athens, full […]

A day out at Cycling For Wine Nemea event

Another great day out riding was the Cycling For Wine event in Nemea. Since we have followed Themos’ event grow from day one, it is a great success to see 260 registered cyclists this year. The event has grown with 3-4 different routes starting from 25 klm as the easiest and 75 klm being the […]